Water, Oil and Gas

We help make electricity companies, gas companies and the water authorities more effective.

DEC specialises in surveys, research and consulting in the utilities sector.

From staff surveys of utilities to:

  • Surveys of exiting staff
  • Customer perceptions surveys
  • Strategic thinking about bringing tariff structures into line with community expectations
  • Assessments of uptake rates on new water products
  • Choice modelling and willingness to pay studies

DEC is a credible and passionate provider. We help make electricity companies, gas companies, water authorities and the waste industry more effective, by combining industry knowledge with research skills. Here are some of our thoughts about current issues in the sector.



Contract No. C311456
Upgrading 132/33kV grid Substation at Sumail
33KV Network & Primary Substations design
ENDC and Field Survey
400KV Transmission lines of OETC
Survey works of 11KV