Ongoing Projects

We provide services to a large number of public agencies and authorities

1Contract No. C311456-Provision of Topographical Survey and Mapping Services Petroleum Development OmanN.A.On going
2Consultancy Supervision Works for Upgrading 132/33kV grid Substation at SumailOman Electricity Transmission CompanyN.A.On going
3Survey works 33KV Network & Primary Substations design for Mazoon Elect.Co. Mazoon Electricity CompanyN.A.On going
4Electrical Network Data Collection and Field Survey for the Purpose of Undergrounding OH Lines in Bousher Area (Zone 2) for MEDCMuscat Electricity Dist.Co.N.A.On going
5Route Survey & Preparation of drawing for proposed 400KV Transmission lines for Future projects of OETCOman Electricity Transmission CompanyN.A.On going
6Survey works of 11KV & LT Electrical Networks for North & South Sharqiyah GovernorateMazoon Electricity CompanyN.A.On going
7Survey work for 33kV, 11kV, LT 0.415kV at Sohar, Saham, Khaborah & Buraimi.Majan Electricity CompanyN.A.2012
8Conducting Bathymetric & Topographic Surveys for the proposed fisheries Harbour at Barka & DuqmMinistry of Agriculture & Fisheries WealthN.A.2012
9Consultancy Services for Execution of Various Land Surveys, Setting out and Handing Over the Plots in SoharSohar Development OfficeN.A.2012
10Consultancy Supervision services for undergrounding the existing OH lines in Muscat & Sidab area. Muscat Electricity Dist.Co.N.A.2012
11Topographical Route Survey for OGS Fibre Optic Cable LinkOman Gas Company S.A.O.CN.A.2011
12Geographical Survey & data collection of MJEC distribution network (11kv, 0.415kv & Customer connections) and pole numbering in Buraimi, Ibri, Shinas & Liwa districts.Majan Electricity CompanyN.A.2010
13Consultancy Survey Services for Electrical lines and preparation of tender documents with all approvals in Muscat region Muscat Electricity Dist.Co.N.A.2010
14Consultancy Services and Detailed Survey and Structural Planning at Barka, Mabeleh, Al KhoudMinistry of HousingN.A.2010
15GIS Field survey-water utility networks -Muscat, Muttrah and Al Amerat WilayatsPublic Authority for Electricity & WaterN.A.2011
16Survey works of 33KV, 11KV & LT Electrical Networks for South Batinah, Al Dhakhiliyah & Sharqiyah regions (on rate basis)Mazoon Electricity CompanyN.A.2011
17Villa complex on Plot No.770, AzaibaMohammed Al Hinai850,000/0002011
18Construction of 2nos. of warehouses Blocks at Ghala Tameer Investment700,000/0002010
19Performing Arts CentreThe American International School of Muscat1,250,000/0002010
20Villa complex at QurmH.E. Abdullah Rashid Al Kalbani1,500,000/0002010
21Proposed Extension to TAISMThe American International School of Muscat1,500,000/0002009
22ECOS Hotel at MuscatM/s. Godwin Austin JohnsonLocal Consultancy Services2009
23Head Office Building for Gulf Industrial Pipes IndustryM/s. GIPI500,000/0002009
24Housing Complex at Mawaleh H.E. Dr. Khalifa Bakhit Al FalasiDesigning2009
25Proposed Warehose on plot No. 157, at Mabela, SeebM/s. Ramniklal Kothary & Co. LLC600,000/0002009
26Proposed Warehose on plot No. 158, at Mabela, SeebM/s. Ramniklal Kothary & Co. LLC350,000/0002009
27Villa complex on plot No. 959/2, 64 NW at Al Hail (North), SeebSheikh Ahmed Mohammed Al Hinai350,000/0002009
28Villa for H.E. Rashad Al HinaiH.E. Rashad Al Hinai450,000/0002009
29Proposed building on plot 134, 61 SE at Greater MuttrahH.E. Rashad Al Hinai1,300,000/0002010
30Topographic and Bathymetric Survey at Al Aqr Al Khayat Real EstateSurvey work2008
31Proposed Expansion to Marah Land Entertainment Centre at QurumOman Tourism Projects Dev. Co. LLC3,000,000/000 2008
32Proposed Warehose on plot No. 1, at Wadi Kabir Gulf Services and Industrial Supplies Co. LLC600,000/0002008
33Commercial/ Residential Building On Plot No. 366 At Sohar Mr. Kanak Khimji270,000/0002009
34Proposed Training Centre at Izki for Ministry of Defense Khimji Ramdas215,000/0002009
35Proposed Training Centre at Salalah for Ministry of DefenseKhimji Ramdas150,000/0002009
36Villas at MabelaMr. Ashok Chordia450,000/0002009
37Villa at Al Hail on plot No. 286/ 14 at Al Hail SeebMr. Abdullah Balkhair150,000/000Design Only
38Twin Villa on plot No. 110 at Sohar Mrs. Malak Shaibani150,000/000Design only
39Commercial/ Residential building On Plot No. 239/ 39 NW Ghubra, Bausher 1,500,000/0002009
40Survey for Plot at BarkaAl Nahda Printing Press66,000/0002007
41Survey for Marah Land at QurumOman Tourism Projects Dev. Co. LLC1,500/0002007
424 Star Hotel Apartment Building on Plot No 1001 at North Azaiba Mr. Khalid Salem Al Alawi750,000/0002009
43Survey & Preparation of Drawing for interlinking New Saham Grid Station With Existing 33 KV Lines in North Batinah Majan Electricity Company SAOC4,900/0002008
44Survey & Preparation of Drawing for interlinking New Liwa Grid Station With Existing 33 KV Lines in North Batinah Majan Electricity Company SAOC5,600/0002008
45Refurbishment of Commercial/ Residential Building on Plot No 86 CBDMinistry of Justice850,000/0002009
46Commercial/ Residential BuildingH. E. Abdullah Hamed Ahmed Al Busaidi1,287,000/0002008
47Hotel Apartments on plot No. 60 at Falaij Al Qabil, SoharMr. Iqbal Mir Abdullah Ahmed Khoory895,000/0002008
48Residential Building on plot No. 90 at Falaij Al Qabil, SoharMr. Nasser Mir Abdullah Ahmed Khoory175,800/000Design Only
49Commercial/ Residential Building on Plot No. 34 at Falaij Al Qabil, SoharMs. Zainab Mir Abdullah Ahmed Khoory175,800/000Design Only
50Guard’s Accommodation at QurmGovernment of Oman1,025,000/0002007
51Entertainment Centre at QurmH. E. Rashad Al Hinai1,780,000/0002009
52Residential Building on plot No. 932 Phase 6, AzaibaMr. Mohd. Masoud Al Harthy236,000/0002008
53Extension to the American International School of MuscatThe American International School of Muscat1,400,000/0002007
5411KV/LT Feeders Survey at North Batinah & Dahirah RegionsMajan Electricity Company SAOCDesign2007
55Detail survey at Hayee Al Saadah IbriMinistry of Housing, Electricity & WaterDesign2006
56Detail survey at Al Safa, IbriMinistry of Housing, Electricity & WaterDesign2006
57Execution of Land Surveys at North BatinahMinistry of Housing, Electricity & WaterDesign2007
58Housing Complex at Multaqa, SoharHeirs of Mohd Al Futaisi4,650,000/0002007
59Housing complex at SoharMr. Mohammed Al Nabooda5,800,000/000Post Contract
60Function Hall at MuscatAwqaf Al Jaffaria177,000/0002006
61Function Halls at SaroojAwqaf Al Jaffaria770,000/0002007
62Mosque at ShinasMr. Abdul Nasser Al Khayat360,000/000Design Only
63Commercial/res building on plot 598 SoharMr. Abdul Nasser Al Khayat400,000/000Design Only
64Commercial/res building on plot 44A SoharMr. Abdul Nasser Al Khayat350,000/000Design Only
65Villas at LiwaMr. Abdul Nasser Al Khayat400,000/000Design Only
66Development at MasirahDynCorpN.A.2005
67Development at ThumraitDynCorpN.A2005
68Commercial/Residential building On plot 435 GhubraShk. Hilal Nasser Al Mawali470,000/0002007
69Commercial/Residential building On plot 217, Al KhuwairShk. Hilal Nasser Al Mawali590,000/0002007
70Commercial/Residential building On plot 228 Al KhuwairMr. Abdullah Khamis Al Hasni980,000/0002007
71Commercial/Residential building On plot 869 Al KhuwairMr. Abdullah Khamis Al Hasni1,060,000/0002007
72Commercial/Residential building On plot 127 CBDMr. Abdullah Khamis Al Hasni700,000/0002007
73Commercial/Residential building At GhubraH.E. Ahmed Al Hinai750,000/0002006
74Commercial/Residential building At Al KhodGolden Group of Companies600,000/0002006
75Villa Complex at Bausher HeightsH.E. Dr. Ali Sharhan645,000/0002006
76Commercial/Residential building At MBDShk. Rashad Al Hinai650,000/0002006
77Commercial/Residential building At AzaibaMr. Abdul Qader840,000/0002006
78Multipurpose Sports Hall at AzaibaGovernment of Oman350,000/0002006
79Junood Mess at MAMMODES235,000/0002005
80Multipurpose Sports Hall at MAMMODES380,000/0002005
81Officer’s Mess swimming pool At BAFMODES130,000/0002005
82Villa at AzaibaMr.Ibrahim Riyami65,000/000Design
83Leisure Centre at Qurm1,250,000/000Design Completed2005
84Villa complex at N. AzaibaMr. Saif SabahDesign Completed 2005
85Commercial/Residential building At MBDP.A.S.I.537,000/0002005
86Commercial/Residential building At Al HailDr. SalahN.A.Design
87Commercial/Residential building At BausherMr. Khamis Hattali135,000/0002006
88Residential building at Al HailMs. Fauzia45,000/0002004
89Showroom & corporate office at Al KhuwairM/s Al Ajmi Marble Industries225,000/0002004
90Commercial/Residential building At Al KhuwairH.E. Salim Al Ghazali875,000/0002005
91Flats at Al HailMr. Talal Al Aufy125,000/0002004
92Residential Building at Al KhuwairMr. Mohd. Al Farsi120,000/0002005
93Flats on Plot # 298/33 SW Al HailMr. Dawood Salim Al Futaisi100,000/0002003
94Garage Block at SalalahGovernment of Oman215,000/0002003
95New Technical Block Communication Block &External Works at SalalahGovernment of Oman560,000/0002003
96Dining & Accomodation Block & Refurbishment Works at SalalahGovernment of Oman535,000/0002003
97Renovation of Existing Office at QurmGovernment of Oman250,000/0002003
98Comm/Res. Bldg onPlot # 224 NE at Al KhuwairH.E. Salim Al Ghazali800,000/0002004
99Housing Complex at Al KhoudMr.Dawood Salim Al Futaisi600,000/0002004
100Comm/Res. Bldg on Plot# 167/24 NE Al KhoudMrs.Fatima Fraish400,000/0002003
101Residential Flats on Plot # 4/1 Qurum 16 AMr. Abdulla Nasser150,000/0002003
102Residential Flats at BausherMr. Talal Al Rashdi150,000/0002004
103Comm/Res.Bldg on Plot # 451 Al Khuwair Area 33Oman Commercial Agency260,000/0002003
104Comm/Res. Bldg on Plot # 452 Al Khuwair Area 33Oman Commercial Agency300,000/0002003
105Villa at Al HailMr.Dawood Salim Al Futaisi90,000/0002003
106Comm/Res. Bldg on Plot # 55 at South Ghubra Phase 1Mr. Abbas Ghalib400,000/0002003
107Comm/Res.Bldg on Plot # 54 South Ghubra Phase 1Mr.Ismail Miran400000/0002004
108Commercial /Residential Building on Plot # 174 M.B.D.-SouthH.E. Hamid Said Al AufyDesign Completed2002
109Villa complex on Plot # 106/34NW Al HailH.E. Hamid Said Al Aufy400,000/0002003
110Commercial /Residential Building at RuwiH.E. Hamid Said Al Aufy1,100,000/0002003
111Commercial /Residential Building at RuwiMr. Yousuf Al Farsi450,000/0002003
112Commercial/Residential Building on Plot # 17/2, 711 Al KhuwairMr.Abulla Khamis Al Hasani2,200,000/0002003
113Villa complex at QurmMr. Omar Khalid220,000/0002003
114Commercial/Residential Building at Al KhuwairMr.Abulla Khamis Al Hasani500,000/0002003
115Commercial/Residential Building at Al KhuwairMr.Abulla Khamiz Al Hasani675,000/0002003
116Villa on Plot # 102/1, 35 SW Al KhodhMr. Talal Al Aufy90,000/0002003
117Farm House at SalalahH.E.Ali Majid Al Maamery80,000/0002003
118Commercial/Residential Building on Plot # 171/24 NE Al KhodhMr.Abullah Salim Al Futaisi450,000/0002003
119Commercial Building on Plot # 195, M.B.D.-SouthMr.Dawood Salim Al Futaisi450,000/0002002
120Office Block at QurmGovernment of Oman477,000/0002002
121Corporate Office /Res. Building at Gr. MuttrahShk. Ahmed Bin Mohd. Bin Omair Al Hinai500,000/0002002
122Warehouses at GhalaMr. Dawood Salim Al FutaisiN.A.2002
123Improvement to Main Office Building & New Officer's Rooms at SalalahGovernment of Oman135,000/0002001
124Helipad at QurmGovernment of Oman50,000/0002001
125Vehicle Workshop at Ghala, Phase 1Oman Trading Estb.80,000/0002001
126Refurbishment of Existing Office Block at QurmGovernment of Oman250,000/0002001
127Flats at GhubraMr. Ibrahim al HinaiN.A.2001
128Flats at BausherMr. Mohd Bin Al Hinai375,000/0002001
129Vegetable Market At Wadi KabirMr.Dawood Salim Al FutaisiN.A.2001
130Flats at GhubraFIA Trading1,050,000/0002001
131Hotel Flats at Al KhuwairMr.Abulla Khamis Al Hasani350,000/0002001
132Villa Complex at Medinat QaboosW.J.Towell L.L.C.600,000/0002000
133Refurbishment of Existing Office Block at QurmGovernment of Oman130,000/0002000
1344 Private Villas at BausherMr. Salam Al RahbiN.A.2000
135Hostel Building at SeebH.E Ali Masoud Al Senaidi350,000/0002000
136Multistorey Bldg At QurumMr. Ali Malalah Al Habib225,000/0002000
137Private Villas at QurumMr.Anwar Saleh400,000/0002000
138Private VillasShk Said Bin Mohd AL HousimiDesign only2000
139Admin & Accommodation Blocks at SeebGovernment of Oman700,000/0002000
140Res.& Commerical Bld At Al KhuwairMr.Abdulla Khamis Al Hasani1,200,000/0001999
141Inerior Decoration work at Gulf Air office RuwiGulf Air135,000/0001999
142Residential & Comm. Bldg at QurumShk Ahmed Bin Omeir Al HInai500,000/0001999
143Staff Accommoation At SoharAl Batinah Dev. & Holding Co3,500,000/0001999