Ground Control Point (GCP)


All GCP locations shall be chosen on elevated and undisturbed location. The station should be built solidly on the ground with a permanent point casted on concrete with the number marked on an aluminium plate or the same. A sketch will be provided for each GCP.

All the GCP’s will be observed with GPS receivers to a minimum of 1Hr per 10Km of baseline to form a static network that will be adjusted later with all the baselines. The network will be fixed to a series of known values to come out with the fully adjusted co-ordinates of all the stations.

Software Description
  • Auto cad Civil 3d 2013
  • Auto cad 2014
  • Auto cad Map 3d 2013
  • Arc Map
  • Arc FM
  • Google earth (pro)
  • Global Mapper
  • Pathfinder