Bathymetry Survey


The bathymetric lines are design using any software available. The procedure is likely similar to topographic survey on shore, taking point along the tag lines. Bathymetry varies from the client’s requirement but normally it implies knowing the current and the material type of the seabed. For each type, different type of equipment is used. After the bathymetric survey is done, a cross line survey is made in order to cross check the survey. Later, the current measurement and the material type are studied if required in a series of independent runs within the survey area. The data is process in different hydrographic software and results are shown in chart datum. In conjunction to the survey, either automatic or manual tide reading is made for the adjustments.

Software Description
  • Auto cad Civil 3d 2013
  • Auto cad 2014
  • Auto cad Map 3d 2013
  • Leica geo office v7.01
  • Leica geo office v8.01
  • Leica geo office v8.03
  • Trimble Business Canter TBC
  • TRIMBLE GPS Pathfinder Office
  • Trimble GNSS Infra
  • Global mapper
  • Google Earth Pro
  • HYPACK 2011
  • HYPACK 2012
  • HYPACK 2013
  • Radan
  • ProLINK1.15