We have built up a substantial list of clients for whom the practice has acted as lead consultants.



JSA Oman was set up in 1975 by John Snellgrove B.Arch FRIBA was one of the longest continually operational architectural practices in the Sultanate.

In 1998, in accordance with the Royal Decree No. 120/94, Arch. Dawood Al Futaisi (Ex. Director of Building Permits – Muscat Municipality) joined in as the Omani partner the practice was re-launched as John Snellgrove & Dawood Engineering Consultancy. Later on, in early 2003 as a result of restructuring, the practice was fully omanised  started operating as Dawood Engineering Consultancy with Arch. Dawood Al Futaisi as the director. As the result of growing up & development, company expanded and opened a branch at Sohar in mid of 2006.

We have built up a substantial list of clients for whom the practice has acted as lead consultants. In all cases the role has involved the protection of the interests of the Client through the function variously described as that of technical adviser or Architectural & Engineering consultant.

DEC is currently carrying out electrical projects for OETC, MEDC, MZEC, and MJEC. Projects have included Designing Electrical Substations, Consultancy Supervision services, Electrical route Survey for 400kV transmission lines down to LT distribution networks & Electrical GIS Projects.

DEC has also proven expertise in related works such as Conducting Topographic Survey, Global Positioning Survey, Hydrographical Survey, Detail  Surveys for gas, water, sewage & telecom. Also, Housing developments, educational establishments, dedicated data processing buildings, warehouses, embassy building, commercial/residential buildings, leisure developments, sports complexes  various other usages.

DEC has built an impressive portfolio of projects for government authorities as well as private institutions. Where the project has involved some highly technical component or unusual feature, DEC has associated with sub-consultants to provide the necessary specialist technical input.



Contract No. C311456
Upgrading 132/33kV grid Substation at Sumail
33KV Network & Primary Substations design
ENDC and Field Survey
400KV Transmission lines of OETC
Survey works of 11KV